Ongoing Benefits

Ongoing benefits are those the company will continue to enjoy after the project has implemented its products.
(1) The implications to business strategies and objectives must be addressed when establishing the business case. These should indicate which benefits the company will find important and value above others. Alignment between IT and business strategies is beneficial – after all, too little alignment would be a source of major risk to any project. I say a bit more about the structure of benefits in a future article, but for now remember that alignment is important.
(2) When a project can be justified on cost savings alone, the business case should be relatively clear.  But the opportunity for revenue enhancement or other benefits is critical to the success of the Business Case and therefore the project. IT can make it possible to increase sales of products or services. You may have to work quite hard to convince stakeholders though. Alternatively IT can help improve margins by increasing the revenue received from each product although again there is a need to work with stakeholders.
(3) With management focus on benefits it may be possible to identify quick-wins early on in a project. Weigh up whether going for these quick wins is worthwhile as it may cause the project to lose focus.  On the flip side it may build momentum so as I say consider carefully. I am thinking about things like   business process change to manual processes which can be done relatively quickly and cheaply.


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Father, IT Professional, Cycling Coach in that order. That's me

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