Business Architecture Techniques

My work in IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture always required a firm understanding of the company’s, or more accurately, the enterprise’s business architecture.  Much of this is straightforward to uncover, but gathering sufficient clarity and depth of business strategies and objectives is far more challenging.

Often the best tactic to structure understanding in this area is to use the same techniques that business strategy consultants use – and I have listed a few here.  These techniques can be effectively incorporated into workshops, so they are useful to have in your armoury.

  • PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces analysis are particularly useful for examining the environment within which the enterprise is operating

  • MOST Analysis, Resource Audit and the Boston Box  can be used to examine the internal capability of an enterprise

  • SWOT analysis and Ansoff’s matrix are useful for strategy definition, where the results of the external and internal environmental analyses are summarised and consolidated in order to examine the situation facing the organisation and identify possible courses of action.

  • Two techniques used to identify performance measures  are critical success factors/key performance indicators, and the Balanced Business Scorecard technique.


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Father, IT Professional, Cycling Coach in that order. That's me

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